Toward a clean energy future for all

Supporting the growth of renewable energy by using existing energy infrastructure – creating new opportunities for the Lithgow region

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Proposed Capacity
Energy for homes
Storage duration
~8 hours
Operational Life
~80 years

EnergyAustralia acknowledges that the proposed site of the Lake Lyell Pumped Hydro Project is on the traditional Country of the Wiradjuri Peoples, and recognises their continued connection to Country and culture, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

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Helping reimagine the future of energy in NSW

EnergyAustralia is investigating the feasibility of a pumped hydro energy storage project on land and waterways it owns near Lithgow.

The project would make use of water from the existing purpose-built Lake Lyell dam and a new purpose-built upper reservoir behind the southern ridge of Mount Walker to operate a utility-scale energy storage project capable of producing 335 megawatts (MW) of reliable dispatchable energy - enough to supply over 150,000 homes in New South Wales for up to 8 hours.*

Our commitment is to develop and design this project in consultation with local people, to maintain Lake Lyell for recreation, and to co-create a range of new community benefits from the project.

*Based on POE10 demand of 1.97kW for EnergyAustralia’s portfolio of NSW residential customers at 335MW of generation.
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Addressing Climate Change Goals

New South Wales is transitioning from coal to renewable energy sources to help address Australia’s climate change goals.

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Supporting Renewable Energy

Solar and wind power and energy storage systems such as batteries and pumped hydro work together to provide reliable energy year-round.

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Creating New Opportunities

The Lake Lyell Pumped Hydro Project will create new opportunities for jobs, business, and the Lithgow community as coal-based industries are phased out.

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More Reliable Electricity

The Lake Lyell Pumped Hydro Project would draw and return water to Lake Lyell to provide reliable electricity when solar and wind aren’t available.

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Using Existing Infrastructure

The project would use existing infrastructure including transmission lines, largely within EnergyAustralia’s land to help reduce costs and limit development on public and private land not owned by EnergyAustralia.

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Community Engagement

EnergyAustralia is genuine about engaging the local community in the project by listening to feedback, sharing information and providing opportunities to help shape the project and the benefits it brings to the region.

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Engaging the community. Creating shared benefits.

The Lake Lyell Pumped Hydro Project is in the early stages of development - assessing its feasibility will take up to two years.

EnergyAustralia is committed to regular, timely engagement with the local community and Traditional Owners.

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Who are we?

EnergyAustralia is a leading energy generator and retailer. We provide energy to over 1.6 million customers across Eastern Australia and employ around 2,300 people, including our team at the Mount Piper Power Station near Lithgow.

Our purpose is to lead and accelerate the clean energy transformation for all.

The Lake Lyell Pumped Hydro Project reflects our purpose and is an important project in our strategy to help make the energy transition simple and reliable for customers by combining behind-the-meter solutions such as rooftop solar with a growing flexible energy portfolio, such as grid-scale batteries and pumped hydro.

Planning, approvals and timing

The NSW Government considers the Lake Lyell Pumped Hydro Project to be a State Significant Development reflecting its complexity, economic value, and potential impacts.

This means the project will be subject to rigorous assessment by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. This will include an Environmental Impact Statement to assess the project’s potential environmental and cultural heritage impacts along with extensive community consultation.

If the project continues to look promising, design and development will take around two years and construction around three to four years. That means the earliest a pumped hydro facility at Lake Lyell could be operating is 2029.

EnergyAustralia is committed to:
Planning and designing the pumped hydro facility with the aim of avoiding or mitigating environmental impacts wherever possible
Working with the local community to provide meaningful opportunities to participate in the project’s planning, development and the creation of a wider set of shared benefits for the region.
Project timeline
Feasibility (Current)
February 2023 – early 2024
Planning and Development
July 2023 – June 2024
Project Exhibition and Government Approvals
July 2024 – 2025
Final decision
Mid 2025
2025 – 2029
Operations Commence

Over the coming 18 months, we are working to create many opportunities to engage with us about the Project, to hear your views, and to receive your feedback.

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